Adventure City, Lusaka’s abandoned water park

I was out cycling the other day and found this place. Adventure City was abandoned around 2011 due to mismanagement and even several drownings.

Lusaka Times

Lusaka Times, 22 Nov 2009

It’s situated on Leopard’s Hill outside Lusaka. The water slides and the structures around them seems to be robustly built, maybe it would still be possible to restore the place. The bush istaking over and it’s easy to miss the place unless you know exactly where you’re going. I found the last few pictures in the gallery online, it shows the place when it was still open.

I put all photos from the abandoned places I find here:


  1. Adventure City closed down a few years ago. It is now a conference/events venue. The slides as you can see have been shut down. There also used to be numerous swimming pools with fake rocks to jump off and bridges. An indoor playground, trampolines and soccer field. I think eventually the enterprise was not making enough money. Entry was K15, but in addition to that here are the numerous drownings of kids getting in after hours. I imagine the property sold for a very large sum.

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