Kafue revisited

Last week, I went back to Kafue National Park . It’s the largest national park in Zambia, covering an area of about 22,400 km² (similar in size to Wales or Massachusetts). It is the second largest park in Africa and is home to over 55 different species of animals.

We saw lots of elephants and were also lucky to see a mother Leopard with two cubs. We stayed at the brilliant Mukambi Safari Lodge, I highly recommend to stay here if you ever plan on visiting the park!

I took all the images below with the Sony A7R and the Sony FE 70-200mm F/4.0.


Mukambi Safari Lodge seen from the Kafue river.

kafue-26 kafue-25 kafue-24kafue-10 kafue-7 kafue-3 kafue-14 kafue-20 kafue-19 kafue-17kafue-34

One comment

  1. Breathtaking and just incredible photos, all of them. These are so very special to see,
    being that all of these animals are so badly threatened in the wild. It brings joy and tears to my heart at the same time.

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