World’s Toughest Job

I was recently assigned to document a communication project in Malawi run by the Swedish development cooperation organisation We Effect. The project entails a Swedish woman living and working side by side with a female farmer in Malawi for three weeks. We Effect posted a job advert in Swedish media were they looked for applicants for one of the worlds toughest jobs; being a female farmer in a poor country. About 600 people applied for the position. Karin Kling, a pediatric nurse from Stockholm, was selected and travelled to Malawi in January to join Biata Chisi and her family in Salima, Malawi.

Here’s more information about the project (in Swedish):

vtj-66m_vtj-7 vtj-15 vtj-32 vtj-40 vtj-42 vtj-51vtj-80 vtj2-3 vtj2-16 vtj2-21 vtj2-26 vtj-30 vtj-25 vtj-8 vtj-2


  1. Great photos – I especially like the expression of the young boy in #9. It would be most interesting to read a commentary by
    Karin about her experience. Judging from these photos it was a very good one!

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