Struggling in Liberia

These photos are from Liberia, most are taken in the capital Monrovia. This was before the ebola outbreak that’s currently ravaging the country. The last civil war ended in 2003 but traces from war are evident everywhere. In 2005 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected president, she is the first elected female head of state in Africa and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011. She is still the president of Liberia.


The motorcycles are taxis and are often driven by former child soldiers who fought in the civil war. Their situation is usually difficult, integration back into society is slow or non-existent. Many of the ex-combatants doesn’t have a family, they live together on the streets and in abandoned buildings, often still serving their former military leaders. Conflicts between different groups of ex-combatants are common.

Read more about the ex-combatant reintegration in Liberia here


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